Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week 15-18 Dev's Diaries

After taking measurements on the acrylic piece, we went to the Fabrication Lab (Fab Lab) to saw the larger pieces and drill holes where necessary. Also, since our measurements were off, especially for the placement of the holes, we had to drill again in the correct position.

We also used the acrylic bender to bend the acrylic piece where necessary.

There was a week where the saw blade was unavailable so we had to use the drill to saw wherever required.

The only problem that could not be fixed was the short length of the screw needed to stop the ruler and store potential energy in the ruler. Other than that, we managed to create the desired parts without much difficulty.

We were not able to test our design because we the motor was unavailable, and we could only test if the car could be assembled.

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